Experience the ultimate free to play action puzzle game on iOS and Android.


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Crystal Storm offers a varied mix of puzzle fun and action. Dissolve crystal chains by tapping on crystals of the same color. Take on the challenge and battle your way through over 120 levels with a variety of objectives. Wipe the grid with explosive Extras and use powerful Relics to set off some real fireworks.Ponder and plan your next move in Tactics Levels. Compare performances with your friends on Facebook and become the true champion of Crystal Storm.

Gameplay features

  • Individually designed levels with various goals
  • Breath-taking HD graphics and fantastic background music
  • Easy to pick up, tough to master. Test your abilities in over 120 levels.
  • Demonstrate true skill by earning 3 stars!
  • Generate Extras and use Relics to master even the most difficult challenges
  • Share your success on Facebook to receive gifts
  • Rankings and lots of other online features
  • Collections with alternative graphics sets and special game bonuses

Game modes

  • Play against time
  • Ponder and plan your next move in Tactics Levels.
  • Achieve a points target in Score Levels
  • Collect a set number of colored crystals
  • Clear the grid of Boulders, Seals and Runes
  • Grab treasures by moving them to the bottom of the grid